Biking and Photographing the Amalfi Coast in January

On Visiting in January

Positano. Most of the houses are empty, but you cannot just barge in and stay in them (so I was told)
Satellite map showing bike route from Sorrento to Amalfi
From space, you can see the red paint I spilled off the back of my bike
View of San Pietro from Colli di Fontanelle
This view of Vettica Maggiore in the distance (San Pietro in the foreground) is easily taken in via bike

On Photography

The peninsula of the Amalfi Coast, with sky-blue water and steep cliffs
Just as Zeus did before me, I walked the Path of the Gods

The Hills

The town of Positano was built on flat land, but due to plate tectonics that all changed

The Villages

The Loch Ness Monster arrived in Italy

The Sea

A shop owner hands a customer some produce in a narrow alley at dawn
Most alleys in Sorrento wouldn’t fit American cars. Italian cars fit, though, and they will follow you until you can duck into a doorway or intersecting alley to let them pass.

The Alleys

Over 60% of the electricity consumed in Naples powers the Christmas tree in Tasso Square

The Lights




Professional Engineer, Unprofessional Everything-Else

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Alex Rich

Alex Rich

Professional Engineer, Unprofessional Everything-Else

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