Hikers descending down a dusty volcanic trail
Photo that makes me think of a dismal future

How To Delay The Apocalypse of 2198

Are we really thinking of the future?

The ID Problem

the pacific ocean coast
the pacific ocean coast
The world is “coasting” towards more data

The Problem is not Limited to Data and Tech

The apocalypse is just over the horizon

Tempting Solutions to the ID Problem

Faux Solution 1: Separate The Data

Steps crossing a barbed-wire fence
Steps crossing a barbed-wire fence
Division doesn’t always work

Faux Solution 2: Clean Up Old Data

Faux Solution 3: Create New Characters

Faux Solution 4: Stop Creating Data

How to Delay the Data Apocalypse

Owl looking up at camera
Owl looking up at camera
Owl’s response to being told its atoms will be used to store a tweet from the future


Professional Engineer, Unprofessional Everything-Else